Quality & Style: Regency Ceiling Fans

Quality & Style: Regency Ceiling Fans

Regency ceiling fans has already established its name in the ceiling fans industry – boasting to have been in the business for over 50 years, and is under its parent company, Tacony Corporation. It can cater to a wide market with the inclusion of its upscale products to cater for the high-end customers. They have taken pride in the high level of customer satisfaction they offer to customers – both in terms of Regency ceiling fans quality, but also in terms of efficient customer service.

There are different categories of Regency ceiling fans. There are the décor-match fans that are specifically intended for various decorations, and the designer series fans that cater to either classic or progressively modern styles. There is also the mood glow uplight Regency ceiling fans, which has a light source aimed upwards so that a unique lighting effect will be produced. Then there are the patio fans that are treated with a special material like special plastics, making such types ideal for outdoor use.

Their website is at www.regencyfan.com. They offer a wide range of Regency ceiling fans, depending upon your use, and depending upon the budget you have. They offer as well ceiling fan accessories.

Regency ceiling fans have around thirty basic models, but each model is flexible enough to accommodate any combination of accessories you would like your fan to take. One can also include lighting into their fans, so as to have a dual function for one product. You can have the choice of the motor size, and on the speed options as well. If you want a remote control option, this can also be possible for your Regency ceiling fans. Whatever you might think of coming up, with the available choices of accessories and options, you can have the ceiling fan that meets your needs.

Also in their website, you will be able to download a free catalog, available in Adobe PDF format, and requires 33.7MB of disk space. All you need to do is fill up a form in their web page with your personal details including your email address and country. It also provides information, not just on Regency ceiling fans products but on charts as well, which can be used as a reference for your use – as in the proper installation of your ceiling fans, etc.

So the next time you consider buying a ceiling fan, think of Regency ceiling fans. You get to have a quality product with features & options of your choice, and you get to be accommodated well with an excellent customer service on their end.

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