Rubber Flooring – Safety and Stylish Flooring

Rubber Flooring – Safety and Stylish Flooring

One of the most important design features found in a safe environment is the inclusion of a flooring system that offers impact attenuation and shock absorption characteristics.

Rubber flooring is resilient, offers impact cushioning, offers excellent slip resistance, resistant to heavy impacts and loads, resistant to spills, resistant to chemicals, dirt repellent, have excellent fire-protection properties. Hence with all of these qualities, rubber flooring is also ideal for athletic flooring surfaces. Rubber flooring is also sound absorbent, provides long-term durability, color uniformity, no health or environmental concerns, recyclable, and very easy to maintain.
Commercial gym centers and recreational facilities benefit a lot from rubber flooring products. Some other applications for rubber flooring are: ski areas/resorts, golf courses/pro shops, ice rinks, aerobic centers, garages, cardio areas, military bases, warehouses, playgrounds and well-ness centers.

Rubber flooring is also a long-life product (about 20 years) with some installations reporting up to 30 years and more and is derived from a potentially sustainable source, the trees. Regular sweeping and mopping are easy ways to keep it maintained for long years. Furthermore, it can be recycled for use in cars, although the same practical problems of removal and contamination apply.

Rubber flooring also offers the advantages of hundreds of color combinations and custom creations. Rubber flooring is becoming more and more applied in residential homes also because of the variety of styles that the consumer can choose from, plus appealingly eco-friendly. offers a wide range of rubber flooring products and design variants including reversible interlocking rubber flooring, diamond plate rubber flooring tiles, rolled rubber sports rolls, and rubber equipment mats. Among the hardest wearing ones available in the market today are the rubber floor tiles and sheet rubber flooring of the Rubber Flooring Company. These are not only durable but also impact-absorbent and comfortable.

Without doubt, rubber flooring has become a budding business within the resilient flooring industry. PVC (polyvinyl chloride) made floor finishes most especially, makes the rubber floors much preferred than the linoleum and cork floorings. Plus, rubber flooring has an added appeal to consumers because of its known environmentally friendly manufacturing process – more than its natural rubber trees source connotation.

Rubber flooring also increases activity-area-value if laid-down with safe slip-resistant flooring. Slips and falls are one of the world’s leading causes of accidents and injuries. That’s why flooring companies offer unique collections of rubber flooring products with anti-slip solutions that can help reduce the risk of accidents and injuries in a variety of environments.

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