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Make sure you have the Best Real Estate Expert?


If you have been listening to the Real Estate Internet Radio Show and think,

I should call this gal, you should probably call me. Especially if you have been thinking about listing your home.

I am Debbie Warford, one of the proud owners of Home Solutions Realty, a top real estate agency with over 20 years of Listing Homes experience and successful projects. I say success because our Real Estate office is in the top 250 REO offices in America, besides my expertise as a valuations specialist and author of 10 Real Estate Books!

Why do I want to talk with you?

Because I succeeded in generating over 100 transactions per year in property sales…during 15 years!

I want your property to be sold at the best deal, with the minimum effort on your side. This means that I bring to the table all my experience, stories, excellent customer service and a complete package that any seller dreams of when trying to sell properties. Believe it or not, this seller scheme was designed based on deals that worked and it is customizable according to your needs. So, what is this scheme?

Working with me brings you a detailed and carefully selected marketing campaign. How so? Firstly, I have the necessary financial resources to lead an efficient marketing practice that promotes the up-for-sale property:

       Targeting through social media channels the right customers;

       Making high-quality videos with the most flattering angles of the property;

       Detailed customer analysis to spot who wants the property more;

       Lead-capture forms that make your buyers wish to see your home;

And so much more…

Secondly, you and I are going to talk. We’re going to talk about the deal you dream of and the potential of your property. With transparency and 100% support, I will inform you about everything you need to know in order to close the best deal for your property!

What do you have to do?

Offer me the opportunity to list your home in order to get the best deal. Choose the real estate experts that are dedicated to turning you into a successful seller with happy buyers.

Are you not convinced yet?

You might be interested in some particular details, so give me a call at any time and let’s talk about your sales plan and property.

It’s time you enjoy the process of selling your property!

Don’t forget to call me, if you prefer!

Yours Sincerely,

Debbie Warford

Associate Broker, Home Solutions Realty

Nationally Recognized Broker & Author


For Those wanting to purchase…I have homes that need work, I have homes that aren’t listed in the MLS,

I have homes that you can be the first to see.   Call me, we can talk just like neighbors, which we are, about your plans.

Enter Any TX Home Address & Get In Depth Info About That Home Instantly PLUS Value!