Shaw Flooring – Where Great Floors Begin

Shaw Flooring – Where Great Floors Begin

Shaw had its beginnings as a small industry for dyed tufted scatter rugs. Under the 1946 Star Dye name, Shaw emerged as a wood floor business. Better known as the Carpet Giants, Shaw has been producing and marketing different types of floor coverings like rugs & carpets, ceramic tiles, hardwood and laminate flooring for decades now. Years of dedicated and quality service have brought them recognition and now the Shaw brand is an industry leader.

Shaw (wood) floorings are versatile in achieving either a formal, classic, or rustic feel. Just pick any of the Shaw designs and you’re sure to have an over all harmonious home style that is not only stylish but comfortable as well. Shaw (wood) floorings enhance the beautiful unique properties of the portions of the tree being utilized. Shaw (laminate) floorings on the other hand, have 4-layers compressed into one exceedingly hard surface. This imparts excessive endurance and stability to the flooring provisions and they can withstand any amount of wear and tear. This is made possible by Shaw (laminate) flooring’s unique and revolutionary Versa Lock flooring system which allows your floor to be installed quickly and without glue. The back layer has melamine that makes the flooring moisture-proof. Likewise, the uppermost wear layer has aluminum-oxide to slow down the fading process and to make it stain resistant. The VersaLock in addition is moisture-resistant and it could be re-assembled much as a transferable building-blocks.

The VersaLock laminate flooring collection of Shaw includes a variety of styles to choose from, from traditional to rustic to exotic. Its designs are great for enhancing any type of mood for the house. The laminate flooring even includes a one of a kind collection of natural stone imitations. Also because of Shaw (laminate) flooring’s stain-resistant nature, it does not require regular cleaning. Staining can be easily avoided simply by wiping with a dry or damp cloth. Their slow fading does not require them to be altered more than often. It is no wonder that Shaw (laminate) flooring is world-class flooring for your homes and offices.

Shaw has it all – laminates, wood, or rug – all exudes artistry, luxury, class, style, even tradition. Shaw flooring Industries is committed to being an industry leader in creating eco-effective ways to produce carpet for the company and the environment’s benefit. Noted in the flooring industry for innovation, quality, service, value, and design, Shaw has the resources and experience necessary to meet the diverse flooring needs of a global marketplace.

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