Show off those lights – stage and club lighting

Show off those lights – stage and club lighting

Lighting is important in all aspects of our lives…and businesses. It has posed a huge challenge for club owners to keep and increase the patronage of their clubs because, consciously, they know that club goers are usually on the lookout for the next best club. It is a formidable task to keep a club looking different each night of the week without having to invest on interior design. This can be achieved through setting up a lighting design that makes sense.

How do you pull off an effective stage and club lighting. Successful club owners suggest hiring the pros in lighting, however, if you’re on a tight budget experimenting on your own design along with the right advice, does help. First of all, we start with the types of lights and design for stage and club lighting.

With the help of today’s technology, stage and club lighting has been stress-free. With effects like mood lighting and effects projectors, your club will dress up differently every night. In addition to that, linking up a graphics generator or PC to a video wall onstage creates endless possibilities – be sure to have an awed audience with your stage and club lighting.

There’s more to stage and club lighting. LED dance floors have delighted club goers and owners alike. These floors produce varied colors that are programmable to dance to the music. Also, they are designed to withstand impacts from fallen glass, bottles, and liquids. Although there are regulations on lasers, programmable lasers can be purchased at a minimum of $5000 to avoid having just “dumb” beams being cast anywhere. Spotlights can produce performances that will be unforgettable for your audience. Spotlights are effective for focusing on or hiding certain parts of the stage.

The iBall on the other serves a dual purpose – it is a state-of-the-art advertising and information tool and a spectacular lighting effect at the same time. In addition to the iBall, another cool way to advertise and inform is making use of wallscreens. They project graphics and produces brilliant effects. Spectacular to use over the façade of your establishment is outdoor color wash lighting. It projects a wash of color effects over any structure to make your club stand out.

The impacts of stage and club lighting is immeasurable compared to the efforts exerted to it, likewise, it leaves a mark on the club goers minds. Wherever club they’ll go, club goers are certainly going to be looking for those stage and lighting effect distinct in your club.

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