Slate tile stone

Slate tile stone

Slate tile stone flooring is flexible in nature and can be used almost anywhere. People have been using it extensively in kitchen, front hallway, bathroom and outdoor uses such as pool surrounds and patio. One of the most brilliant features of this stone is that it has got naturally slip-resistant surfaces. The tile is also widely known for its durability and decorative nature.

The slate stone can be seen in large deposits in coastal regions. Some ancient oceans have gathered silt and many other mineral elements in these areas. The silt left behind is exposed to pressure and heat to give it a shape of rugged and durable stone. This stone is widely known as slate. There are several minerals found in slate including quartz, mica and chlorite. These minerals make slate stress resistant. This slate is found in several colors and the credit goes to the mixture of several materials in random order.

Slate tile flooring:

Slate tile has been widely used for flooring worldwide for both residential and commercial interiors and exteriors. The tile has an amazing slip-resistance feature. When it comes to practicality and beauty, slate tile is considered to be the optimum choice. With slate, you can never slip. The preparation of this tile consists of various stages. Gauge and calibration are two main processes involved in the preparation of slate tile. Gauge is a process that lets the edges of the slate tile to turn into square shape via precision cutting. This is a very simple process and it allows the slate tile to turn into an interlocking material. This means that the tile can be easily interlocked with other tiles. Calibration is a process that makes the back of the slate tile even with the help of machine-homing. This process is very important as it make sure that the slate tile will always lay feat during and after the installation. The process of calibration makes the tile easy to install and provides it an even walking surface.

Slate tile surface:
Natural face or split-face slate tile is one of the most population choices when it comes to slate tile flooring. The split is a region where the slate has been removed from the slate bed. Hence, you can be sure of the fact that this variety of slate tile maintains the natural and uneven texture. The texture makes this type of slate tile one of the most distinctive tile. If you want slip resistant flooring for your house, this is a great option. This slate tile type possesses a tactile dimension that adds up a rich color to it.

When it comes to slate tile, you can always expect a thickness variation from tile to tile. You need to consult your local flooring professionals to get an approximate idea of slate tile thickness. The thickness of slate tile can vary in a range of 3/8”-7/16”.

Slate tile flooring is one of the best options if you want something that provides you look and slip resistance factor.

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