Swimming Pools and Safety

Swimming Pools and Safety

Swimming pools are a part of a growing personal enrichment lifestyle especially in warmer climates. Swimming pools are a great way to increase your home investment but also get healthier using a convenient and positive method of exercise. Further, swimming pools are fun!

In ground and above ground pools however come with a very definite demands for safety. Pools are an open invitation to children of all ages, including those that cannot swim. It’s the responsibility of the pool owner to secure the pool area using automatic security functionality. Specifically, this includes auto closing gates and a secure fence.

The fencing doesn’t need to be of any specific material however. Clear plastic sheeting, wrought iron and even chain link is acceptable. The requirements are based on securing the pool area and not on esthetics. Depending on local codes, pool security can be a secure pool area or even the whole yard. Regardless of the area secured, fencing plays a large role in keeping kids safe and limits owner liability.

Without good fencing and secure, auto closing gates, drowning can occur and the responsibility firmly rests with the pool owner. If however, the pool area has been secured, and someone ends up hurt, although the liability is still evident, the responsibility for the damages may be shared. The issue here is not liability however but doing everything reasonable possible to secure a potential place on your property where people can get hurt.

Another option is the use of a pool cover. Pool covers can protect people but also help lower maintenance and water usage bills. Pool covers can be used to not only secure the pool but also keep it cleaner. Bottom line is that if you have a pool, don’t forget the responsibility to make the area safe and secure.

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