The Advantages and Disadvantages of Armed Bar Stools

Bar stools comes in many shapes and sizes. They can be bought with or without arms, seatbacks or any adjustable features, seats that swivel or remain stationary. There are so many materials that stools can be made from, the choice is so unbelievably wide. You can have wooden bar stools, aluminium bar stools, wrought iron bar stools, stainless steel bar stools and the list goes on and on. Some of the bar stools on the market are purely for show purpose’s and are only meant to amplify the décor of the surroundings and do not present any serious applications to industry or home.

There are the other practical differences when deciding on what barstools to purchase, such as choosing bar stools with arms or without. If you look beyond your own personal desires and you focus on where and how your bar stool is to be used, then deciding on arms or no arms becomes a much easier task. Just think of it from several angles, are the stools going at a high table where food is being served or just at the bar, if the stools are around a high table where food is being served then the arm rests would more than likely get in the way.

However, if your barstools will be in an open area where space isn’t an issue such as a bar, living room or study, then the bar stools with arms may be a better choice to consider. When deciding on the bar stool you want to buy, consider if your customers or family will them comfortable. If you can see people using your bar stools in this way, having arms is a choice worth considering. It’s always handy to have a place to rest your arm with either having a chat over a beer or a cup of coffee or simply doing a cross word.

One negative point to using barstools with arms is that they tend to restrict any movement compared to stools without arms. Although the bar stools with swivel seating effectively eliminates this concern. However, most barstools with arms have stationary seats and this can be a really annoying thing if you are in company in a bar, restaurant or at home and you are finding it difficult to keep up with the conversation because of having to move about so much.

If you’re stuck on which style to buy – with arms or without – it’s a good idea to let these practical considerations determine your choice. If you don’t see any significant reason to get barstools with arms, then don’t. You might even save your self a few coins in the process.

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