The Design Behind Contemporary Bar Stools

The Design Behind Contemporary Bar Stools

The different types of bar stools that are available on the market are on an ever increasing change. This is most prominent in contemporary style bar stools as the bar stool manufacturers continually strive to design new and unique styles of bar stools. While the designs diverge immensely, 2 overshadowing themes with contemporary bar stools remain steady: an emphasis on imaginative beauty and attractive seat designs.

A characteristic of all contemporary furniture, including bar stools, is a certain confidence behind the design. Because bar stools are such special items of furniture, most of the up to date designers like to push the limits of design to the wire. This in many cases results in exquisite bar stools being born and to some they are almost an art form instead of some were to sit.

The main aim of this contemporary approach to bar stool design is often on the legs. Emphasis is on very thin legs with unique base shapes. Examples include very simple leg designs made from a single tube of stainless steel, aluminium, or chrome. The metal is bent in such a way as to spread out at the bottom to form a sturdy base for the rest of the stool.

The other designs to contemporary bar stools include back rests and side bars, these bars extend below the bar stool seat and curve in at an angle to latch itself on to a foot rail below. It’s a stunning and stylish example of the cross breading of form and function. Modern metal alloys make these designs possible, along with the artistic imaginations of the designers.

The 2nd subject matter to contemporary bar stools is the seat design, there is a lot of heart and soul poured into the design of the bar stools seat. The designs that you can find will truly astound you. One of the vital areas to bar stool design is ergonomics, this is the science of comfort and it plays a major part when of the seat design and the end result is usually an amazing product.

With the bar stools that have back rests, designers are playing with a blend of retro and modern looks. These tend to be solid half ellipses or circles set on round seats with fabric or vinyl covers.

At the end of the day the most difficult aspect to choosing a contemporary bar stool will be to narrow the options available to you. The sheer amount of gorgeous and unique bar stool that are available is staggering and the number of styles just keeps growing.

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