The Right Type Of Lamp For Your Room

It’s almost impossible to walk through a home and not see at least one lamp. Lamps are an integral part of home décor and with all of the different types of lamps available everyone can find one that meets their design and lighting needs.

One of the most popular types of lamps is the table lamp. Table lamps are lighting fixtures that are designed to be placed on top of a flat surface. There are many types of lamps that fit into the table lamps category. These include contemporary, candlestick, and trophy lamps. Although all of these types of lamps are considered to be table lamps they are each unique in their own sense of style.

For instance a candlestick lamp normally has a circular base with a tall thin body attached. On top of that body sits a lampshade. Many of these types of lamps have a swivel feature, which means you can move the lamp either to the right or the left depending on where you place it. Many people really enjoy the elegant appearance of this type of lamp.

Other types of lamps that fall into the table lamp category are artistic table lamps. This type of lamp is especially unique incorporating your lighting needs with works of art. You can purchase artistic table lamps that feature different metals as part of the base including iron or bronze. Although these tend to be a bit more expensive than a standard table lamp you should look at them as an investment in not only the lighting of your room but in art as well.

There are also types of lamps that are designed to be placed on the floor. These are called floor lamps and their height normally indicates that’s what they are.

Floor lamps are especially nice for a room where light is needed in a specific corner. These types of lamps can produce enough light to fill a room but some are designed to be spotlights, focusing the beam of light on one area. For people who enjoy reading they often employ the use of this type of lamp. The lamp is placed directly behind their chair and the light shines down allowing them to read without eye strain.

These types of lamps are also available in many different styles. A few examples are a goose neck floor lamp, a tiffany floor lamp, and an adjustable arm floor lamp.

With adjustable arm types of lamps the lighting fixture can be moved as needed. This makes a great investment because these types of lamps can be used in several different locations in the home. Many people purchase a lamp with the intention of using it in a particular space and this can become frustrating if you decide to change the style of the room and the lamp no longer has a space.

Children also have their own types of lamps. Lamps designed for children in mind are a fun way to add light to your child’s room. These types of lamps come in styles for boys and girls. Current cartoon characters, clowns and animals are a few of the different choices available.

As your child grows there are other types of lamps you’ll want to consider for their bedrooms. One is a desk lamp. Desk lamps are a wonderful addition to a child’s room as they begin school. The desk lamp allows extra light while they tend to homework and studying.

It’s obvious that there are types of lamps for every room of your home. They fit into every décor and every budget.

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