There are many occasions that call for a gathering of a good number of people

There are many occasions that call for a gathering of a good number of people

No one likes to leave a bathroom with wet hands and many of us are a little apprehensive about using someone’s decorative towels when we use the facilities. Paper guest towels are wonderful for any visitor who dislikes using used towels or using decorative items to dry his hands. These thoughtful items are nice additions to any bath.

The moment that I discovered that the paper guest towels looked like real linen I had to make an investment in them. I love making my guests comfortable and at ease but I really dislike regular paper towels in my bath. We spent way too much time and money on bathroom renovations to have sloppy looking products cluttering up the space.

I found the perfect items for our area. They even match our décor and they didn’t cost nearly as much as I expected. Little details like paper guest towels help to make the room feel warm and welcoming while providing all of the sterile conveniences of an upscale public bathroom.

The paper guest towels look like real linen but they are disposable. This is the perfect marriage between looks and convenience. The towels can be displayed in a plastic holder or a metal basket that are available through some of the companies that produce these items. The great thing about these paper guest towels is that they are so attractive that you will want to have them on display.

Most of these items are available in neutral tones that will suit any bathroom décor. However, you can opt for lovely patterns and designs that offer a little more flair to the paper guest towels. Holiday designs and autumn leaves are personal favorites of mine but you could opt for intricate paisley motifs or flowery designs as well.

The paper guest towels are among my favorite new innovations for the home. They are perfect for the cold and flu season because they are single use. I like having them around for children as well. I also love the idea that I don’t ever have to wash them, either.

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