Tips for Shipping Large, Bulky and Fragile Items

Tips for Shipping Large, Bulky and Fragile Items

Have you been avoiding shipping a large or delicate item because you’re afraid it won’t arrive at its destination safely or in one piece? Maybe you’re moving across the country; shipping a piece of furniture to a customer or friend; or sending a bulky gift to a loved one. Whatever your needs, the secrets to shipping are careful packing and choosing the right carrier.

Successful packing is easy if you have the right materials, such as boxes, bubble wrap, packing tape and loose fill. However, if the item you’re planning to ship is a little unwieldy, such as a flat screen TV, a set of china, a cello or a bicycle, you’ll need to take extra care. The better you pack these things, the better the chances they arrive at their destination unscathed.

The following suggestions on how to safeguard your items come from Pak Mail, a company that provides large-item packing and shipping services:

* Wrap it. Before packing an item, you’ll need to protect it from scratching or breaking. Depending on the item, wrap it in plastic, bubble wrap, furniture wrap or tissue. To protect artwork, use nonacidic paper.

* Pack it. Use a cushioning material like foam or rubber as a second layer of packaging to help absorb shock and vibration.

* Make it secure. Make sure the item can’t move within the packaging material. Most damage occurs because the item is not properly secure inside the container. The outer layer of the package should be a hard, puncture-resistant surface, like heavy duty corrugated cardboard or plywood.

If the item is extra cumbersome, leave the packing and shipping to the experts. Pak Mail, for example, will pack and ship objects of any size, weight and configuration -; anywhere in the world.

Pak Mail centers offer a complete menu of packing and shipping services and use a network of specialized freight carriers to help you ship valuables safely and on time. The company’s packing experts will provide free shipping quotes and pick up items at your convenience, at any location. Pak Mail ships items ranging from antiques to computers to machinery to contents of entire estates.

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