Train of Lights – monorail lighting

Train of Lights – monorail lighting

Monorail lighting is a single-circuit, two-conductor rail that usually is low in voltage usage and come in four-and-eight-foot lengths. Monorail lighting can be cut to custom-lengths, while sections may be joined using couplers to have longer single-circuit runs. Monorail lighting is hand-bendable to a minimum radius of one foot (12 inches). Using “L” and “T” connectors also allow you to create straight and geometric shapes.

The amount of drop may be determined from which the monorail lighting is to be suspended. Rigid rod or aircraft cables are usually used in suspending monorail lighting. The monorail needs to be supported every 42 inches, with added frequent suspension on tight curves. Take note that monorail lighting should only be bent by hand (and in round forms if necessary) so that it can maintain its shape prior to suspending it. The purpose of the suspension features of monorail lighting is to suspend the track than holding it in a particular shape. As added support to the monorail, there are power supplies that provide this feature.

Monorail lighting is rated to an equivalent of 300W at 12volts or 600W at 24 volts. If the total wattages of the bulbs connected to the monorail lighting is lesser than the wattage capacity of a particular transformer, a single transformer would suffice. However, in cases wherein the bulbs of the monorail exceed the wattage capacity of a single transformer, you need to connect a second transformer and the monorail lighting should be separated, whether physically, or with the use of non-conductive connector.

Different types of power supplies that take the form of surface-mounted electronic or magnetic power feeds that are aided with essential transformers, available in the market, can be used with the monorail lighting. Monorail lighting and fixtures may come in configurations of 12 – 24 volts and the voltage of the bulbs in the monorail lighting must match every transformer to avoid electrical accidents.

Fixtures recommended for your monorail are classified into three: QF heads, QP pendants and basic monorail fixtures. QF heads and QP pendants can be connected to the monorail lighting using a quick connect adapter (QADP). In the meantime, the basic monorail fixtures may be connected directly to the track. QP pendants may be custom-cut to desired lengths. Many fixtures come along with 12V bulbs but for 24V transformers, equally charged bulbs should be used.

The beauty of monorail lighting lies in its features that can be designed to fit functionality as well as your sleek style and taste.

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