Treetops Is A Kenya Safari Holiday Must

Treetops Is A Kenya Safari Holiday Must

Treetops Lodge in Aberdare National Park is probably the best known safari lodge in the world, and is certainly a place to have on your Kenya Safari holiday agenda.

Treetops isn’t a lodge you can just arrive at, you need to book in at Outspan and you are taken from there by bus.

Treetops Lodge is run by Aberdare Safari Hotels, and is very much an over night destination, and you are only allowed to take an overnight bag. It was originally built in a chestnut tree, and is now built on stilt supports overlooking a waterhole and saltlick very close to the elephant migration pathway to Mt. Kenya.

A quick tip, if you are arriving during the cooler months, pick up a blanket as you enter, because it gets cold at nights, bearing in mind the altitude.

On this part of your Kenya Safari Holiday most of your game viewing will be at night, and Treetops hs its own thousand watt artificial moon. Please note all hard soled footwear is banned, because of the need to keep noise levels down.

Treetops rooms are small, but they do overlook the waterhole, and they do not have ensuite facilities, they are shared on a single sex basis. Each room has a buzzer which will go off during the night, two buzzes means a special visitor, such as a lion, rhino or leopard.

Treetops is totally different angle on a Kenya Safari Holiday, and this is based on years of visitors agreeing this is an outstanding safari stopover.

The game viewing is unsurpassed from several observation lounges, including an underground closeup spot where you can virtually reach out and touch the animals, were it not for the safety screen.

You can view elephant, rhino, lions, sometimes all too real if a family of lions makes a meal out of an unsuspecting bushbuck.

Visit Treetops on your Kenya Safari Holiday in Aberdare National Park for an unforgettable safari experience.

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