Uncle Mikes Nylon Holster Is An Excellent Cost Effective Choice

Uncle Mikes Nylon Holster Is An Excellent Cost Effective Choice

Uncle Mike’s offers unmatched holster fit and selection. When Uncle Mike’s pioneered the use of nylon in holsters over 20 years ago, no one could have foreseen how much the invention would change the industry. Today’s hunters, law enforcement agencies and the military rely on nylon holsters to stand up to the rigors of everyday carry.

Take for example the Uncle Mikes Sidekick Hip Holster:

Sidekick Hip Holsters are available in black selected sizes are Available in Realtree Hardwoods HDT” Camo. Sidekick holsters are versatile beyond compare.

Sidekick Hip Holsters are:

· Waterproof-Carry them anywhere, while hunting in the rain or shooting at range.

· Excellent Fit-Your gun carried tightly because the holster molds to the shape of your gun, yet returns to its original shape once the gun is removed.

· Wear Comfortably-Medium high ride design can be worn on a holster belt up to 21/4″ wide or on a standard trouser belt.

Another fine example of an Uncle Mikes Nylon Holster includes the Sidekick Ambidextrous Hip Holsters

· Uncle Mikes ambidextrous holsters fit everyone and almost every need

· Fully ambidextrous holster easily converts from right to left-handed.

· Two holsters in one-Wear as a belt holster (fits belts up to 2 ‘/4″ wide) or an inside-pant holster, just by reversing the belt clip. Secure –Non -stretch Velcro retention strap and molded thumb break keep your firearm secure. Holster includes a Strap Trap adjustment tool.

· Durable-Constructed of our patented Sidekick laminate of Cordura nylon. Padded, waterproof interior holds the firearm snugly. Spring steel belt clip is powder coated for rust and corrosion resistance.

Uncle Mikes Holsters are like having a holster tailored to fit your needs. For example the Uncle Mikes Sidekick Vertical Shoulder Holster

· Super comfortable secure way to carry in the field

· If you’re looking for comfort and ease in firearm carry, you’ll find it in our vertical shoulder holsters

· Freedom of movement-Onside self-adjusting belt loop keeps holster close to your side. Fully adjustable shoulder harness has a self-centering back piece and its 2 1/2″ wide nylon web straps distribute weight. Fits up to 48″ chest.

· Choose how you carry- Offside tie-down anchors harness to belt and lets you carry a speedloader or magazine case vertically or horizontally. Can be worn inside or outside your jacket.

· Secure-Retention strap with combination adjustable buckle and snap keeps firearm in place.

· Scoped Holsters Available -Choose Black or Realtree Hardwoods HDT Camo. Left hand holsters available only in Black.

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