What is Air Mattress?

What is Air Mattress?

I am a hundred percent sure that you all know what a mattress is. What about air mattress? Have you encountered the term “air mattress” before? Well, if you are new to this matter, I bet it’s now the right time for you to know what this thing is all about. How it differs from the ordinary mattress you are familiar with. What makes it preferable to other mattresses is indeed worth knowing.

Basically, air mattress is inflatable. It can be inflated but can also be stored in a small space when not inflated. It is usually made of plastic, rubber, or what many call as “textile-reinforced” plastic. When not inflated, it can be rolled up or folded and can be stored with much ease. This is basically the reason that air mattresses are always considered as the favorite choice for camping trips. Many of those who are expecting guests on special occasions even use the air mattress as a temporary bedding at home.

How the air mattress is inflated?

According to some claims, the air mattresses are inflated either orally by simply blowing into a valve, or with the use of a manual foot-powered or electric pump. I’m sure you are familiar with these features. There are some air mattresses out there on the market that can be automatically inflated by just opening a valve plus a certain degree of manual work needed.

The air mattress comes in a number of forms and style. Generally, the air mattress is noted for its being lightweight. It typically comes in reduced size especially those that are designed for camping and backpacking. Those air mattresses used for camping and backpackings are also known as sleeping pads. Unlike the regular inflated mattress, the sleeping pads feature a layer of foam insulation that is added particularly on its air chambers.

There are also air mattresses that come in large size. They are available on the market designed specifically to suit every household’s needs. They are intended for guest use in the home, but there are some households which use these large inflated products as their permanent beds. Most of the traditional inflated mattresses come in different sizes, including twin, full, queen, king, and a lot more. The standard ones are more comfortable than the others.

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