Wood Flooring – Withstands Time

Wood Flooring – Withstands Time

Wood floor is a life long product of natural beauty and durability. They are affordable, easy to maintain, healthy for you and for the environment. Wood is both renewable and recyclable.

Wood flooring has been known to increase the resale value of one’s home. Wood flooring almost never needs to be replaced and can usually be restored to rival their original elegance and class. Almost the no.1 reason for choosing wood flooring is for the allergy benefits. Unlike carpet, wood floors are easily cleaned and do not trap pet-dander or pollen. Simply wiping the floors with a common household cleaner or a damp mop will sufficiently clean wood floors. Special wood cleaners and polishes will keep your wood floors shiny and brilliant. By sanding away stains, scratches and discolorations and applying a new coat of varnish, your wood floors can be returned to their original gloss and good condition. Protect your wood floors from moisture damage by cleaning up promptly after spills, and keep scratches to a minimum by placing felt-pads or coasters on the feet of your furniture. With a little care, your wood floor will stand up to everyday use and can be kept looking beautiful and sturdy for years.

Until the American Victorian Era (1840-1910), wood flooring didn’t get factory mass produced. Wooden tongue and grove floorboards were the most popular domestic flooring by the Edwardian Era (1901-1914). Wood floors came into competition with linoleum and cork floors by the 1920’s and 30’s. Linoleum and cork floors offered a more basic geometry and less maintenance. For about 30 years (1950-1980), the wood flooring industry struggled for survival that started at the close of World War 2 which brought a housing boom and ironically spelled doom for the wood floor trade. Most companies had to install carpet just to stay in business. The industry tried to compete with the low price of synthetic carpeting by lowering its labour standards during this time. Most pre-finished manufactures have greatly improved their quality control after 10 years of dominating the wood flooring industry.

Wood goes with contemporary and traditional. Old wood ships, warehouses, barns, industrial mills, old homes, and other structures are recycled into wood flooring. Woods are rediscovered and recovered from forests and riverbeds. Yet no matter where the wood comes from, dance floors, basketball courts and ballrooms, all have wood floors, chosen for their shock absorption properties and high shine. Even linoleum and laminate floors seek to emulate the shine and finish of wood floors – that’s the value of wood.

When you choose wood, you’re choosing one of the warmest, most time-tested, and versatile flooring materials. An age-old classic withstands the test of time.

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